Here’s a function in JavaScript:

const countUp = num =>{    console.log(`counting...${num}`);    countUp(num);

Given that the function calls itself, we can instantly recognize that this code will cause an infinite loop which will log ‘counting …’ and the current number with each iteration. Yet this very concept — that a function can call itself — sits at the very heart of a recursive function. So what’s the idea here anyway?

Well, it’s important we understand why this code causes an infinite loop. In this case, the function body never changes. This results in the the line of code which…

Creating a frameless window with Electron JS makes your desktop app look much more like a native application and is actually very easy to implement. Let’s look at how we can accomplish this.

I should note that removing the frame does indeed remove our menu bar. Thus, this is ideal if you don’t need a menu at all or if you wish to make a custom menu built from links in a navbar.

Step 1: Configure our BrowserWindow options

Take a look at this code where we define our main BrowserWindow named ‘win’ . More precisely, notice the options object passed into the new BrowserWindow instance:

From dreams to the multiverse

Here’s a strange question — what is reality? Now it seems simple enough to say that “reality is what we experience” — “what we experience is real”. But is that true? I mean, who are “we” exactly — everyone? Are we not then implying that everyone experiences reality? What if two people experience different things? Is only one of them experiencing that which is real? If so — which one is really experiencing reality and which is experiencing an illusion? I mean wouldn’t both think they are both experiencing reality?

Most of us think we are experiencing reality itself. We…

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Software Developer & Armchair Philosopher

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